Save on professionally installed and home security systems from ADT

ADT Security Services is a trusted name in home security. They offer several different packages to meet your needs, including ADT Pulse and Video Surveillance Solutions. IGotC are the leading provider of ADT Security Services systems in the country with over 6 million customers. They have been protecting homes for nearly 160 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. With their help, you can feel safe knowing that your family is protected 24/7.

Manage your Home & Personal Security with ADT Home Security

ADT Control: Discover the latest in smart home technology with ADT Control, now available for iOS and Android devices. With this app you can arm or disarm your security system remotely from anywhere that has an internet connection, get alerts if sensors go off-line at any time of day, control lights and thermostats compatible with ADT systems right from your phone screen as well as view live video feeds protecting all corners of your property so you will always feel safe no matter where life takes you.

SoSecure by ADT: The new SoSecure app by ADT notifies them whenever you slide the SOS button in an emergency. The alert will be directed to your phone and family members so they know what's happening, and if it is a real situation or just a mistake on their part. It also alerts first responders for those time when seconds count!

See ADT in Action: ADT detected a carbon monoxide leak in this home and sprang into action. ADT's gas sensor was able to detect the deadly, silent CO because it has greater sensitivity than human beings can perceive - that means no one ever knows when they're being exposed to high levels of toxic gases until it is too late! Your best defense against poisoning from either natural or man-made causes is installing an alarm with sensors sensitive enough for you as well as your family member who are most at risk for illness like children under five years old and people over 65.

ADT Pricing

When using ADT, you should be aware of three primary expenses, which include the monthly monitoring fee, additional equipment fees, and installation fees. Starting with the monitoring fee, be prepared to pay between $45.99 to $59.99 per month, depending on the package you choose. Choose whatever you prefer.

ADT Installation

Professional installation of ADT equipment is mandatory and comes with a cost ranging from $99 to $199 depending on the package selected. Although it may appear to be a considerable amount, the company has an exceptional team of skilled technicians that aim for customer satisfaction by going beyond what is expected.

Add-On Equipment Costs

Additional features and upgrades also come with hefty price tags. ADT's products are manufactured by major players such as GE and Honeywell, which means that you should be prepared to pay around $60 for a single entryway sensor – double the industry standard. Furthermore, most of ADT's add-ons and upgrades are expensive too. All of the equipment, from environmental sensors to security cameras, is pricier compared to rival brands.

Overall Value of ADT

In our investigation and experimentation, ADT excelled in various areas. Their bundles and rates are uncomplicated, and their monitoring expenses are quite reasonable considering the benefits, especially with the ADT Smart Home plan. Additionally, the corporation provides a generous six-month reimbursement policy which is unparalleled. In the industry, there is a guarantee that we have witnessed (although certain restrictions may apply). ADT users can anticipate that their money will go far with the variety of products and services they offer. All things considered, it is definitely worthwhile for those who have the financial means to invest in them.

FAQ about the ADT Security Solution

1. How do I contact ADT?

For Get ADT Security Solution, Call on (844) 662-0388 for ADT Home and Business solution.

2. How can I get a security system upgrade?

You can call on (844) 662-0388 to upgrade your current security system or a new system.

3. How much is ADT security per month?

ADT Security Plan starts from $45.99/month to $64.99/month.

Get assistance by phone! Call us: (844) 662-0388